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ITA COSUF Press Release 02-2016

International Forum satisfies high Demand on Information, Discussion and Networking

Rotterdam (NL)/Lausanne (CH), 31 March 2016.

More than 50 Tunnel Safety Officers (TSO) and Tunnel Safety Experts from 14 European countries joined the 4th European Tunnel Safety Officers Forum from 9th to 10th of March 2016 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). "This meeting was a great opportunity to support the activities, the exchange of experiences and the network of European Tunnel Safety Officers and also a chance for the dialogue in the European Union," emphasized Atilla Eordogh, representative of the European Union, the major importance of the very well-prepared event.

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   Fig 1: Figure-01 Johan Bosch Leader AG4-LR
   Fig 1: Figure-01 Johan Bosch Leader AG4-HR
   Fig 2: Figure-02 Overview Maas Tunnel-LR
   Fig 2: Figure-02 Overview Maas Tunnel-HR
   Fig 3: Figure-03 North Portal-LR
   Fig 3: Figure-03 North Portal-HR
   Fig 4: Figure-04 Escalator-LR
   Fig 4: Figure-04 Escalator-HR





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