May 2022

The ITA COSUF TSO6 Webinar on Best Practise and Experience in Emergency Response in Road Tunnels (12 May 2021) organised by ITA COSUF and the Dutch Knowledge Centre for Tunnel Safety KPT supported by the Dutch Knowledge Centre for Underground Construction and Inderground Space (COB) was visited by 92 attendees mainly from Europe and few from Australia. This webinar was ment as a teaser for the bi annual TSO Forum in 2022, where the main topic will be tunnel refurbishment. This TSO6 will be organised on June 30th and July 1th 2022 in Bruxelles. After a brief introduction by KPT Chairman Ben van den Horn and ITA COSUF Chairman Max Wietek the main programme started with a presentation by Santiago Vilariño Paez (Sener) about an Overview of training and exercises of emergency services for the M30 tunnels in the city of Madrid. 


The safety organization of this large scale underground tunnel system is a big challenge and training and education of many individuals is of paramount importance for safe operation. A second presentation about Lesson’s learned from recent real fires in the Blackwell Tunnel was provided by Laurie Kenny. 


It appeared that the systems worked well and that it is valuable to continue public awareness activities to give road users insight in what to do and what not to do during a fire. Finally, John Aldridge (Chairman Organizing Committee TSO6) presented some updates about the organisation of theTunnel Safety Officers Forum 6 (June 30th & July 1st 2022) in Brussels. At the closure it was concluded that there was plenty to reflect upon and the hope was expressed to meet physically again in Brussels for TSO6, which is open for Tunnel Managers, Tunnel Safety Officers and all COSUF members.  

Some of the presentations can be downloaded here:

Introduction ITA COSUF - Max Wietek (Chairman ITA COSUF)

Lesson’s learned from recent real fires in the Blackwell Tunnel, Laurie Kenny,Tunnel Safety Officer, Transport for London

Updates about live event Tunnel Safety Officers Forum (June 30th & July 1st 2022) in   Brussels, John Aldridge (Chairman Organizing Committee TSO6)




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