Exchange knowledge

Develop and maintain a network to exchange knowledge


Facilitate cooperation

Develop and maintain a network to facilitate cooperation worldwide


Team work & research

Develop and maintain a network to facilitate the creation of dedicated teams and groups to perform specific (research or other) activities


Funding and promoting support

Develop and maintain a network to enhance research and development activities through combining of national, European and international funding and support


Fostering innovation

Promote safety and security by fostering innovation


Raising awareness

Promote safety and security by raising awareness of current and newly-developed safety and security issues amongst decision makers, professional end-users, financers, risk managers, international forums and other stakeholders


Supporting development

Promote safety and security by supporting the development of improved regulations and standards regarding safety and security of underground facilities in operation

Activity group 1

INTERACTION WITH EUROPEAN & INTERNATIONAL ACTIVITIES. Keeps contact with other external institutions, groups and projects in order to receive relevant information, to cooperate and give information about activities.

Activity Group 2

REGULATIONS & BEST PRACTICE. Covers regulations, the state-of-the-art and best-practices internationally. This includes discussion and comparison of regulations, norms, standards and best-practice procedures from different owners, networks, projects and the experience gained by them.

Activity Group 3

RESEARCH & NEW FINDINGS. Provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge in the scope of underground safety and security by bringing together the key stakeholders from academia, authorities and industry. Topics include the discussion on the research results, new findings, innovations and potential new research topics.

Activity Group 4

ROAD TUNNEL SAFETY OFFICERS. Aims to be the Platform for European tunnel safety Officers for Exchange of experiences through its biannual Forum and Development of best practices.

ITA COSUF: Operating Road and Rail Tunnels in Helsinki

ITA COSUF Press Release 05-2016

Successful Internal Workshop with Visit to the Finnish Transport Agency, General Assembly and ITA COSUF Award 2016

Helsinki (FI)/Lausanne (CH), 21 December 2016.

More than 25 ITA COSUF members partici­pated end of October 2016 in an internal workshop organised by the Finnish Transport Agency in Helsinki. The experts for Operational Safety of Underground Facilities met to network and inform about the latest developments, especially those presented by the Finnish Tunnelling experts. The event started with the General Assembly and the presenta­tion of the ITA COSUF Award Winner 2016, Wilson Ulises Rojas Alva from Denmark and ended finally with an interesting site visit.

For download please click here:

   COSUF Press Release 2016-05a.doc
   COSUF Press Release 2016-05c-LR.pdf
   COSUF Press Release 2016-05b-HR.pdf
   Fig 1: Helsinki Metro PR-05-2016-LR
   Fig 1: Helsinki Metro PR-05-2016-HR
   Fig 2: Road Traffic PR-05-2016-LR
   Fig 2: Road Traffic PR-05-2016-HR
   Fig 3: ITA COSUF Award 2016 PR-05-2016-LR
   Fig 3: ITA COSUF Award 2016 PR-05-2016-HR




What is ITA COSUF?

ITA COSUF is the Centre of Excellence for world-wide exchange of information and know-how regarding operational safety and security of underground facilities.

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ITA COSUF can play an important role in the underground safety community as it covers all underground facilities and is not focusing on a particular type: it can deal with overlaps and differences (cross-fertilization) and draw general views/lessons.

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PIARC is dedicated to public bodies, UIC to railway organisations, UITP mainly to transport authorities and operators, while ITA COSUF is open to all kinds of members (authorities, consultants, research, industry, contractors, safety officers, etc.): it can gather a variety of views.

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The platform for communication

IITA COSUF is the platform for communication on operational safety and security in underground facilities, i.e. the network to make all players meet, exchange their views and share their experience.

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Recent activities

 Report of the 6th Bi-Annual Tunnel Safety Officers Forum in Bruxelles (30/6 - 1/7/2022) available 


Click here: ITA COSUF workshops as part of WTC 2022 in Copenhagen (2-8 september 2022)

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