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20-21 February 2019, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Day 1: Expert Group Meeting 

13:30h - 18:00h

This meeting is organised by ITA COSUF at the premises of Rijkswaterstaat (Westraven Building, Griffioenlaan 2, Utrecht) and open for COSUF members and invited experts.The experts are fed with a position paper to prepare themselves in the discussions on electric and hydrogen vehicles in tunnels. The output after the expert meeting will be 1) insight in the open questions on the safety risks related to electric vehicles in tunnels and related underground transportation facilities, 2) a future research agenda, 3) a draft white paper, and 4) material for the Round Table Discussion in the open Workshop on the next day.

Day 2: Workshop on New Energy Carriers in Road Tunnels 

This meeting is organised by ITA COSUF, Knowledge Platform Tunnel Safety (KPT) and PIARC at Van der Valk Hotel (Winthontlaan 4-6, Utrecht) and open for all interested tunnel professionals.
- Session 1 Safe Operation of Underground Transportation Facilities/ Tunnels
- Session 2 Perspective from the Emergency Services 
- Session 3 Research work, running projects (Suveren) and future needs
- Round Table Discussion

A full day for a broad audience during which available information about the challenges of new energy carriers and underground space is shared. At the end of the day a summary of main issues for tunnel operation managers, safety officers, emergency services and administrative authorities will be established. Besides a list with the urgent research needs identified during the Expert Meeting will be presented. This will serve the interest for the participants who are seeking for answers to questions on electric and hydrogen vehicles in road tunnels.

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ISTSS 2018 endorsed by ITA COSUF

The next International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security will be held in Borås, Sweden 14 – 16 March 2018 !

Safety and Security have been high on the scientific agenda for decades, no more so than after the tragic attacks of nine-eleven in New York. The success of the International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security (ISTSS) is a tribute to the pressing need for continued international research and dialogue on these issues, perhaps in particular connected to complex infrastructure such as tunnels and tunnel networks.

The focus has mainly been on fires and safety in tunnels, but it is shifting more and more towards security. The new terrorist threats and focus on how to solve these problems is increasing. The need for expertise in this area for underground infrastructure in general is continuously increasing. We urge scientists and practicing engineers in this field to consider ISTSS as good quality forum for presenting their results. The aim is to make ISTSS as a natural forum for scientists and practicing engineers to exchange information in the future.

Who should attend?
Tunnels are an increasingly important part of the infrastructure network. They create challenges for traffic and emergency management, fire safety and security against attacks or sabotage. This Symposium will offer an excellent opportunity for experts working with transport, emergency management, risk analysis, infrastructure security, tunnel consultants, system providers, tunnel operation and research to exchange their experiences in an international forum.

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ITA COSUF would like to draw your attention to the the Norwegian Tunnel Safety Conference (NTSC). NTSC brings together tunnel operators and owners, policy makers, fire and rescue services with researchers and the tunneling industry to spark innovative solutions to improve tunnel safety. It is a two-day event with the theme Personal safety in tunnels on day 1 and ITS support on day 2. There will be various site visits and there is an exhibition. More information can be found on


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