Report Tunnel Safety Officers Forum (TSO6) in Bruxelles Featured

On June 30th & July 1st 2022 70 tunnel safety officers and tunnel managers from all over the world attended the 6th bi-annual TSO Forum. ITA COSUF was supported by Detaildevil in the communications and event management. 

The central theme, tunnel refurbishment, was highlighted by relevant presentations, workshops and lively discussions.



The presentations can be downloaded here:


General Program TSO Forum

Max Wietek, ITA Chairmans's Opening Word

Key-note lecture, Kris van Boven, Hans Janssens en Han Admiraal, Refurbishing Flemish Road Tunnels 

Presentaties Lantis

The Oosterweel link, Luc Hellemans

The Oosterweel Link, Oosterweel as a lever for prosperity & wellbeing, Gerlinde Dhondt

The Oosterweel LinkTSO Perspective - Bert Geukens

The Oosterweel Link, Tunnel Safety - Aryan Snel

The Oosterweel Link, Traffic and Tunnel Technical Installations - Peter Verbois

Workshop 1 Harry de Haan, Heinenoordtunnel: a strategic win-win renovation plan?

Workshop 2 Les Fielding: PESTLE analysis on the challenges of refurbishments

Workshop 3 Thomas Coppens, SENER's capacity in the tunnel refurbishments and adaptations to regulations

Workshop 4 Ulf Lundstrom, Retrofitting Fixed Fire Fighting Systems in Swedish Road Tunnels

Workshop 5 Martin Kelly, Public adress voice alarm - Perfect audio or virtually annoying?

Workshop 6 Erwin Blancquaert, Next-gen automation incident detection

Workshop 7 Stuart Quarterman, System Lead Infrastructure Refurbishing the Blackwell Northbound Tunnel

Workshop 8 Ben van den Horn, How to promote the right evacuation behaviour

Workshop 9 Franz Rindler, One fire, multiple forms of evacuation

Workshop 10 Lukas Rakosnik, Management of safety issues with a risk management tool







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