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ITA-COSUF workshop on “new security challenges for design and operation” as part of the world tunnel congress 2017 in Bergen, Norway

ITA COSUF Press Release 01-2017

Workshop on 13 June 2017

Lausanne (CH), 20 April 2017.

New threats like terrorist acts in tunnels and cyber-attacks to control systems could severely influence the public life. Within a workshop on "New Security Challenges for Design and Operation", ITA-COSUF will investigate how these risks can be mitigated already in the design process. The workshop will be held in Bergen, Norway on 13th of June 2017 and is an integral part of World Tunnel Congress (WTC). The workshop will include a site visit to new Traffic Control Center of Bergen. 


Security aspects in the design and operation of underground facilities have become increasing important in recent years. Most underground facilities are directly linked to public transport or to critical goods transportation networks. As their importance for the society makes them potential for new security threats, there is a need of new knowledge by designers and operators how these threats should be assessed and mitigated. The ITA-COSUF workshop tries to identify some critical aspects how new security challenges could be taken account when designing or operating underground facilities. 

The presentations will be given by internationally leading experts and the workshop will be divided to two parts, “Case studies” and “Hazard identification”. The case studies will include presentations about how different threats for the underground facilities can be identified and what is the impact of human factors in case of disaster and terror. The hazard identification part will tackle topics like assessing the impact of hazardous goods in tunnels and what is the impact of explosions to the tunnel structure. The importance of cyber security of tunnel control centers will also be presented.

Site visit

A technical site visit to the new Traffic Control Centre in Bergen is organised for the ITA-COSUF workshop participants. The recently opened control center includes the latest control technology and operates more than 260 road tunnels on the west coast of Norway. ITA-COSUF will organise transportation to the control center after the workshop.

Time and location

ITA-COSUF workshop is scheduled 14:00-17:00 on the 13th of June 2017 after ITA-COSUF activity group meetings. The site visit is organised directly after the workshop.

The workhop will be held in the Grieg Hall Conference Centre, Bergen, Norway.


The registration for the ITA-COSUF workshop is open on the webpage of WTC where one day pass can be purchased. The cost of one day pass is 3750NOK (incl. VAT). See for further information. The detailed program of ITA-COSUF workshop is available on

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