Experience of Tunnel Safety Officer

Les Fielding, Tunnel Safety Officer, Hindhead Tunnel











New energy carriers in underground infrastructures – unanswered questions and research needs

B. Truchot, G. Marlair, on behalf of L-Surf partners











Real time safety mangement system for road tunnels

Dipl.- Geol. Esther Kahlen, Dipl. - Wirt. Ing. Anne Lehan, ESIMAS, Bun­des­an­stalt für Stra­ßen­we­sen (Bast)











The results from the Swedish metro project on fire safety in underground rail mass transport systems

Haukur Ingason, SP Technical research institute og Sweden











Bridging resources in large crisis management

“Implementation according to the BRIDGE project”

Michelle Burghardt, Maximilian Wietek, VSH - Hagerbach Test Gallery Ltd.












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